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Russ Bulluck lrbulluc at
Tue May 18 13:02:43 EST 1999

S Hecht wrote:

> Dear Edwin,
> As luck would have it, I found this growing in the same pot as I drove up
> this evening.  The series is included with Mushroom4.jpg having a ruler on
> it showing the cap to be aprox 15 cm across.  I am working on a spore print,
> should know in what, 6 to 12 hours?  These were scaned directly off of the
> scaner glass of a HPScanJet 6200c.
> PS is this variety poisonous?  I am an emergency physician and would
> apreciate and info.  btw I thought it was some sort of Aminita sp? because
> of the covering on the cap and stem skirt.  As is I'm sure apparent I only
> have rudimentary knowlege.
> Thank you very much for the response.
> --Stephen
> Stephen Hecht, MD
> Houston, TX

Looks like _Chlorophylum_molybdites_ the Fairy ring fungus, or the green-gilled
Lepiota.  Was the spore print olive-greenish?  (Couldn't really tell from

If it is _C._molybdites_, then it is poisonous (though not in the same league as
the Death Angel. . .)
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