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Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Thu May 20 11:40:01 EST 1999

Moselio Schaechter wrote:
> Dear Stephen,
> Actually, experienced mushroomers know the difference and eat big
> lepiotas with impunity.  However, a person in NY state who died of lepiota
> poisoning was apparently quite knowledgeable and is said to have made the
> right identification of L. josserandii or a close relative.  Alas, he
> concluded that this species must be edible and went ahead and ate a lethal
> sandwich-full of them.

This surprises me. All the fungus identification books in the UK have
sections on edibility and toxicity and mark all species that are edible
or poisonous, frequently with degrees of the same. One book actually
describes Lactarius Turpis (Ugly Milk Cap) as 'Not a good edible fungus'
Are there USA books with this information missing, or was the deceased
mycologist over-confident?

Edwin Hutton.

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