Fungal molecule mimics insulin

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> Nothing new, it is the "African potato"  this surfaces from time to time
> and than goes back into the archives.
> If you are LUCKY, and, in the unlikely event anything comes of this, it
> will be a great many years before we are going to see any useful
> product.  BUT, the quacks probably already have a "natural" pill out
> that will seperate you from your wallet, but NOT help your BG.
Thanks for replying Ted. I have not heard of it before. What is the
"African potato?"

I'm not convinced this is something developed by "quacks," having some
small knowledge of fungi. The original article states the molecule comes
>From a fungus, not the host plant. So now the question is not what plant
does it grow on (although a scientific name would be helpful), but what
fungus is involved? If the fungus is endophytic, saprophytic or
mycorrhizal, it might be cultivated. But first the fungus needs to be

> > COMMENT BY POSTER: Since this fungus is found "on a plant" it could be a
> > smut, rust, endophytic or even mycorrhizal fungus. It will be
> > interesting to see what plant it was found growing on. If you find the
> > name of the plant, please reply.
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