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Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Mon May 24 11:21:01 EST 1999

Czere wrote:
> I have found Chlorphylum molybdites growing in shopping mall "gardens'
> many times.  It often doesn't show the greenish tinge of the spores
> until late in life, though a sporeprint will show it much sooner.  To
> get a sporeprint, I often cut the stem off right under the cap, and lay
> the specimen gills-down onto a sheet of Handiwrap, and then cover the
> entire cap with a cup, saucer, plate, or bowl, depending on its size,
> and let it sit in a relatively cool spot in the house for 4-5 hours.
> Then I gently remove the covering and the cap from the film.  This, I
> can now slide over white paper to look for color, or over black paper if
> I happen to have a low density white spore print.
I do much the same, with a piece of transparent plastic put in a
box, but do find it useful to put a drop or two of water on top of the
cap before leaving in a draught free place, usually overnight.

Incidentally  S Hecht published an image of the spore print in the NG -
it was most definitely white when I viewed it.

Edwin Hutton.

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