Fungal molecule mimics insulin

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>Scientists find molecule that mimics insulin

>COMMENT BY POSTER: Since this fungus is found "on a plant" it could be a
>smut, rust, endophytic or even mycorrhizal fungus. It will be
>interesting to see what plant it was found growing on. If you find the
>name of the plant, please reply.

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>Daniel B. Wheeler

   According to the original article in Science, the compound was isolated
>From a strain of the fungus Pseudomassaria Sp., which was recovered from
leaves of an undertermined plant collected near Kinshasa, Democratic
republic of Congo.  The material was apparently collected many years ago,
and was "rediscovered" in a large screening assay designed to look for
diabetic activity.  

   Dan, If you would like to see the original article email me a snail
mail address and I will cut it out for you.  It doesn't give much more
information on the fungus, it is mostly about the evaluation of the
specific compound.
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