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> Dan:
> Thank you for your useless comments.
At least I labelled them as such.
  As I said, Weil is a new age guru - not a
> scientist.
Opinion, not fact.
  I don't care where he got his MD or for his claims as an amateur
> botanis, he is not a scientifc authority on this subject (or much else).
Biased opinion without substantiation.
  If I
> am wrong, I'm sure you'll provide some of the pivotal scientific articles (esp.
> re. mycotoxins) from peer-reviewed journals for my education.
That's why the original posted asked for help. Searching medline does
not bring up the most recent data from researchers, specifically because
published material has to go through a long peer-review process. As a
scientist, you *should* know this. Of course, there is still the
question of *what* you are.
> Please try to understans that it is better to provide someone with a direction
> than an answer.
The original poster asked for citations. I've seen you post nothing.
   The person wanted info and the 1st poster offered the silly
> Weil.  I commented that the original poster should go to the scientific
> literature - and now I'll add that a free search may be pursued on medline.
I understand you are fixated by and biased against Weil. I understand
you have little interest in helping the original poster. I presume the
poster posted to bionet.mycology because she was interested in something
a *mycologist* might provide as insight to their inquiry.

You are an interrogator. While it is important to ask questions in
science, it is equally important to answer. Not all answers can be found
on-line or in peer-reviewed scientific research.

I see _no_ citations in your posts on this thread, only biased opinion.
As you originally posted, peer-reviewed citations would be nice to see.
Not the poorly thought-out clearly biased opinions you have so far

Do _you_ get it?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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