Rebecca Belling rebellin at
Mon Nov 8 12:11:57 EST 1999

You are right, although I don't think I want my head "sharply tapped"!  To the
group, I apologize for wasting time on this thing...and I promise it ends here.
I guess it was a case of "angry first, thinking later" on my part.  Sorry.

Paul Sinclair Stewart wrote:

> At 10:10 AM 11/5/99 -0800, you wrote:
> >Rebecca
> >Yes, dear fool, I do understand this subject and that Dr. Weil has not
> >published anything of substance in this area.
> >Sigh - perhaps you understand the term "ad hominem"?  It refers to one who
> >attacks the person rather than their info. and you are its poster child.
> >I care so much that you don't like my attitude - I keeps me awake at night.
> >Almost as much as your ignorance that you display with such pride.
> >Question - why is an ignroant person such as yourself offering uniformed
> >opinions on a technical subject?
> I hope I speak for the group when I say that both of you need your heads
> sharply tapped together. Please stop wasting our public bandwidth with your
> useless squabbling. Learn to use this wonderful tool in a non-agressive way
> or get off the group. It is very technically easy to send mail to one
> another, rather than the group as a whole. Please learn to do this or ask
> someone who does.
> By the way, just as "Confession" in the Catholic church is made easy by the
> anonymity of the booth construction, the Internet is a facile way to dish
> out abuse, since no voice or face is involved. This pathology has been well
> documented, and you are both suffering from it, I fear. I doubt that you
> would be this hair-triggered abusive if you were face to face. I don't
> consider this professional or bold...just cowardly. 'Nuff said.
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