How to get basidiocarps to form.

RushWayne rushwayne at
Thu Nov 11 23:09:09 EST 1999

Erin Wold wrote:  << I'm a college student at  Dordt College student in a plant
morphology class and as 
part of a little project I'm trying to figure out how to get mushrooms to grow
for the 
class.  The professor in the past has tried several times to get basidiocarps
to grow 
>From a Basidiomycete set (AA-15-5819) from Carolina which was supposed to 
produce mushrooms. All he got was a good lawn of white mycelium.   He recalls
he once asked the biolab list and perhaps here what might prevent the
>From growing but lost his replies from a couple of years ago.  Does carbon
inhibition ring any bells?  If so what can we do to get them to grow reliably
for our 
class.   He suggested that I contact this newsgroup and see if any of you have
luck with growing mushrooms (basidiocarps) from mycelium or any suggestions on 
what we are doing wrong with the kit we are buying from Carolina?
 Please respond to rnwld at>>

	What species is it?  Different species
have different requirements.  Excess
carbon dioxide will prevent mushroom
formation, but so will a number of other
things, depending on the species.
Visit my website at
for information on growing specialty mushrooms without sterile facilities using
hydrogen peroxide to prevent contamination.

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