cauliflower mushroom

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Thu Nov 11 23:09:16 EST 1999

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>Dear Sir
>I am interested in knowing whether spores can be  purchased to raise
cauliflower mushrooms
>Can be grown domestically.
>Thanks for ur response
>Al Mauriello

	I don't know of anyone who is 
cultivating cauliflower mushrooms.  If it were easy to do, I'm sure there would
be many people trying.  
	Instead, perhaps you might like to try Hericium erinaceus, the Lions Mane
(also called Goats Beard, pom pom, Monkey's head, etc.).  It has an excellent
lobster-like flavor, and it is relatively easy to grow on hardwood sawdust. 
But it sounds like you need to learn some basics about mushroom growing first. 
For instance, most mushroom strains in commercial cultivation are not grown
>From spores but from tissue cultures.
Visit my website at
for information on growing specialty mushrooms without sterile facilities,
using hydrogen peroxide to prevent contamination.

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