Fd. 10/2/99 & 10/4/99

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Mon Oct 4 08:56:55 EST 1999

On 10/2/99 found some very small and immature Tuber gibbosum
(identification based on previous collections from the site, not from
spores). Soil looked _very_ dry and sporocarps suggested at least
another month for any degree of maturity.

On 10/4/99 fd. several epigeous and hypogeous fungi in Clackamas County.

Boletus mirabilis (very old)
Suillus cavipes
Suillus tomentosus
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Rhizopogon parksii?
Rhizopogon sp.
Martellia sp., (near brunnescens)
Elaphomyces sp (near E. granulatus)
Gautieria sp. (monticola?)

Of the collections named, the most notable was the Gautieria. Just past
Government Camp on Hwy 26, the car was filled with the unmistakable
smell of mature Gautieria: roofing tar mixed with fresh asphalt. UGH.

Little did I know I would be carrying some back in the car on purpose.
But there was a mushroom/salmon festival at Welches, and I had to bring
one back just to offend everyone in the building. ;)

It was nice to see Conrad Thorne manning the booth for mushroom
identification, and he had no problem with the Suillus cavipes, although
I had already mis-identified it as Suillus lakei. For those interested,
Suillus cavipes is quite edible and choice (according to some),
associated with Western larch, and has a hollow stem. Pores are more
angular-shaped, and the base of the stipe under the annulus or ring is
bright reddish with a little brown.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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