Rambo terrorizes shroom pickers - true story

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 From the Pine mushroom camps in the wilds of northern
British Columbia comes this true tale....

Fugitive Bushman gives up

Vancouver Province, Sept. 30, 1999

     A vietnam combat veteran who lived in the back woods
near Terrace is expected to be charged with murder today
after the discovery of charred remains at his isolated camp
and a massive manhunt.
     Paul Bernard Wadsworth, 53 - a gold miner and bushman
known as Trapper - surrendered to police at 4 pm yesterday
after making his way to the home of an associate in
Cedarville, 75 kilometres est of Terrace.
     Wadsworth apparently stole a boat to escape a police
cordon set up late Tuesday 30 kilometres in all directions
from his encampment at Richie Landing, a tiny, isolated spot
56 km northeast of Terrace mostly populated by transient
mushroom pickers.
     He had been hunted by the RCMP's elite emergency
response team scince late Tuesday when Terrace Mounties
recieved word that he had shot a man to death after a
drunken argument.
     Two Vancouver women who were among 14 mushroom pickers
in camp at the same time of the shooting told the Province
last night of their night of horror.
     Jacqueline Darjes, 27, and Leah Weibe, 34, said
Wadsworth burst into the victim's cabin after a man in his
early 40s named Don from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, got
into an argument with his wife Cathy that became violent.
     "Paul came in and told the man to get off his property
and fired one shot," said Darjes. "
The wife started screaming, 'Don't kill my husband! don't
kill my husband!' and then there were four or five shots. It
was almost Trapper going in to save the woman and help her
and he lost control end ended up shooting him."
     Darjes grabbed Don's and Cathy's three kids - aged two,
five and seven - and fled.
     The woman described running through the darkness of the
woods in terror, fearing that Wadsworth, who knows the area
like the back of his hand, would leap out with a rifle.
     "We thought it was over for us," said Darjes.
     Said Weibe, "We ran for a mile with the kids, we
couln't see. The kids were screaming for their father and we
were running. It was a nightmare."
     The woman called to pickers working in the darkness.
Weibe praised the bravery of two 17-year old boys named Josh
and Tom who ran ahead to get the canoes ready.
     After getting most of the 13 survivors, including
Wadsworth's girlfriend Juanita, safely to the other side of
the Skeena, Josh went back across the river - and into
danger - to rescue a few more pickers who were trapped near
the gunman.
     "They were incredible to be able to do that," said
Weibe, a Vancouver parks board gardener.
     Police made their way gingerly to Ritchie Landing
yesterday after assessing Wadsworth - a survivalist, hunter
and explosives expert - as extremely dangerous.
     RCMP said the small encampment is accessible only by
foot along the CN Rail line or by crossing the Skeena River
- both options in which police could have been easily fired
     When police finally got to the camp - three cabins,
several sheds and an outhouse - yesterday afternoon, they
found all the buildings except a shed and the outhouse had
been burned.
     In the ruins of one cabin police found the badly
charred remains.
  Police sealed the camp and were awaiting forsenic experts
and the bomb squad. There were concerns the camp may be
     Dental records will identify the body, although police
believe they know who he is, they said.

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