heavy metals & mushrooms

Rebecca Belling rebellin at vt.edu
Tue Oct 5 10:52:37 EST 1999

Jorge1907 wrote:

> Try to take more than a "look" at them - esp. if it's the usual look to see
> what observation could be made so as to support a sensational conclusion.
> Suggest you perform the analyses, with appropriate controls, and provide
> appro[priate statistical analysis.]

Um...that's what I meant by a look.  But, since I'm working on my master's, and
this would be a project above the three research projects I'm currently working
on, I may not be able to do this to *your* satisfaction.  As far as
"sensational conclusions", I'm not planning on making any conclusions without
proper research.  I would just like to see what's out there, to satisfy
curiosity.  Trust me, my advisor has me well trained in analyses with "proper

I don't appreciate the tone of your post.  Perhaps I am misunderstanding it, as
it is hard to tell what people mean via impersonal things like this.  I hope
that is the case.

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