heavy metals & mushrooms

Paul Sinclair Stewart abiogen at isn.net
Tue Oct 5 10:54:57 EST 1999

I am doing research on using fungal mycelium for bioremediation.  I would
like to contact anyone out there who is doing similar work.

In my research, I have found that not only will many mycelia grow at above
200 ppm heavy metals such as Cadmium, but the mycelial mat actually adsorbs
the heavy metals very quickly (75% within 2 hours incubation). 

 From previous work with lobster shell, where waste water was cleansed of
metals due to the activated chitosan in the shell, I assume that the chitin
present in the hyphal cell walls is doing the same thing. I am suggesting
that the majority of heavy metal "uptake" is actually a non-metabolic
physical action of the cell wall, and would work just as well with
non-living mycelial tissue, washed in NaOH to activate the chitin. 

Any comments?
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