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> doubt this text is documentation - merely repeats the report.  P.lease provide
> the actual references.
You really should look for yourself. If you doubt my statements on the
subject, citations will probably not sway you.

However, Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas is subtitled: "A Handbook for
Naturalists, Mycologists, and Physicians". It should be considered _the_
definitive book on mushroom toxicology until better research comes
along. From the book's back page, Dr. Benjamin "is a practicing
pathologist and amateur mycologist. He is consultant to a regional
poison control center and a former member of the Board of Trustees of
the Puget Sound Mycological Society. He lives in Seattle."

Most of the research is of European origin, since relatively little
material is available in the U.S.

Some citations:

R. Seeger, "Toxische Schermetelle in Pilzen," Deutche Apotheker Zeitung
(1982)  122:1835-1844.

T. Stijve, "Enige potentieel giftige Elementen in Paddestoelen," Coolia
(1980) 23:28-108.

R.O. Allen and E. Steiness, "Concentrations of Some Potentially Toxic
Metals and Other Trace Elements in Wild Mushrooms from Norway,"
Chemosphere (1978)  4:317-378.

C.H. Gast, E. Jansen, J. Beirling, and L. Haanstra, "Heavy Metals in
Mushrooms and Their Relationship with Soil Characteristics," Chemosphere
(1988) 17(4): 789-800.

T. Stijve, "Mushrooms Do Accumulate Heavy Metals," Mushroom (1992-3)

G. Bressa, L. Cima, and P. Costa, "Bioaccumulation of Mercury in the
Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus," Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety
(1988) 16(2):85-89.

A. Yasui, C. Tsutsumi, M. Takasaki, and T. Mori, "Absorption of Elements
from Heavy Metals Containing Culture Media by Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus
ostreatus," Journal of the Japanese Society of Food Science and
Technology (1988) 35(3):160-165.

I have not included all the citations. The chapter which includes toxic
metal concentration by fungi contains 108 citations of a similar nature.

IMHO, this work is well-documented, including case histories.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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