heavy metals and mushrooms

Heather Youngs youngs at bmb.ogi.edu
Mon Oct 11 17:22:42 EST 1999

Here are some references that may be of interest:

Trace element concentrations in higher fungi. in The Science of the Total
Environment (1976) 6:65-78 by A. Byrne, V. Ravnik and L. Kosta

Recovery of metal ions by microfungal filters.  J. Chem. Tech. Biotechnol.
(1990) 49:345-355 by David Wales & Brian Sanger

Sorption of toxic metals by fungi and clay compounds. Mycol. Res. (1995)
99(12):1429-1438 by Graeme Morley and Geoffrey Gadd

Solubilization of insoluble metal compounds by soil fungi: development of
a screening method for solubilization ability and metal tolerance. Mycol.
Res. (1995) 99(8):987-993 by Jacqueline Sayer, Samantha Raggett and
Geoffrey Gadd.

Metal ion binding by Pithomyces chartarum conidia. J. Indust. Microbiol.
(1995) 14:233-239 by F. Stutzenberger

*Gadd has done a lot of work on fungi and heavy metals

My own interest is cadmium.  There is a nice review:

Cadmium transport, resistance, and toxicity in bacteria, algae and fungi.
Can. J. Microbiol. (1986) 32:447-464 by J. Trevors, G. Stratton, and G.

Hope this helps


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