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Thu Oct 14 12:45:56 EST 1999

Found today in Clackamas County, Oregon:

Amanita sps (near farinosa)
Amanita muscaria
Amanita pantherina
Boletus mirabilis (yum, but these two are going to become inoculant, I
Catathelasma imperialis
Clavaria purpurea
Cortinarius sps
Hydnum imbricatum
Russula (lots of sps)
Suillus brevipes
Suillus cavipes
Suillus tomentosus
Sparassis radicata (drying now, but yum-yum-yum)
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Rhizopogon sps (near subroseus or occidentalis)
Martellia brunnescens

Interesting that so many species of hypogeous fungi were discovered, yet
_no_ chanterelles were visible. In fact, considerable ground had to be
covered just to find these fungi

Daniel B. Wheeler

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