Amanita muscaria

David.P.Cahill at HealthPartners.Com David.P.Cahill at HealthPartners.Com
Fri Oct 15 16:27:37 EST 1999

I have seen contradictory reports all over the internet about Amanita
muscaria, some say that  several deaths have been attributed to this
mushroom, other say that it is harmless other then the hallucinogenic
effects.  No site seems to site it's source.  I have been searching for a
long while to validate which claim is the truth.  To date I have not been
able to.  All of the fatalities I have seen, cite actual citations, have
been from people thinking they were eating Amanita muscaria and actually
eating Amanita virosa or Amanita phalloides.  If you could be of help I
would appreciate it .


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