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> Please review the published literature on this subject and related mycotoxins.
> As a scientist, you should stick to primary refernces and avoid popular texts
> of the type recommended and new-age guru's like Weil.
Your post reflects poor research on Weil. As a "scientist", you really
should do your own research instead of relying on others opinions, which
is certainly not part of the scientific approach.

Dr. Weil is both a Harvard Medical School graduate (MD) and a more than
competent botanist. While I do not agree with all of what he writes, I
_do_ feel he has an excellent base for his conclusions, including
documented case studies.

Yes, Weil has been described as a "new-age guru". But is that your
"opinion" or are you just quoting others? What exactly do you dislike
about Weil or his conclusions? Have you facts or citations to back these
statements? If so, do share them.

You state "Please review the published literature on this subject and
related mycotoxins." I believe that's what the original poster was
requesting: assistance in researching the published literature. If you
can cite studies or sources for that poster, please do so.

Finally, your posting is extremely critical without being helpful. All
you have presented are inuendo and opinion, without offering a single
scrap of citation or studies.

IMO, criticism without citation has no worth in science.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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