Agaricus or Amanita/Other

Doug Gilby wx968 at
Fri Oct 22 11:22:20 EST 1999

Hi, would any be able to tell me if this mushroom is a woodland 
Agaricus. I have did a spore print and it is a darker redish-brown
I have compared it to the info I have on the Amanita veriety's
all the ones I have info on look to be a white gill species, this
group of mushrooms that just came up about a group of about 7 in 
total, they are on the edge of the driveway where they are coming
up they push the soil up and thats how I noticed these, before 
in this spot only one would come up. As they grow out they loose
the gill skin that covers them in the young stage, this then stays
on the stalk, the gills seem to mature from light pinkish brown to
the darker-redish brown. The cap stays whitish, the biggest one was
about 2 1/2 inches accross cap at about 3 inch in height with a
bulbous type footing at base of stalk. I also have others with a
white spore print with a white gill, also white cap that look
like the abruptly-bulbous Agaricus or smooth lepiota these grow 
in the garden too they came out before this dark redish-brown
gilled veriety. I am in a zone 6 in the great lakes region Ontario

Thanks in advance

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