Amanita Agaricus or other?

Rebecca Belling rebellin at
Sat Oct 23 10:03:42 EST 1999

Hi Doug,

I can't identify your mushroom for you, but just one word of advice.  It
looks like you are running into a snag in your I.D., and part of the
problem may be a bit of confusion:  Agaricus and Amanita are two
*different* genera.  Agaricus tends to have a chocolate-brown spore
print, and Amanita definitely is a white-spored fungus.  Lepiotas are
also white spored.

It does sound like you have an Agaricus from your description.  One
other thing you may want to do--cut/ bruise the flesh, and look for a
staining reaction.  If you have some good photos, they may help in any

Sorry I can't be of more help!

Doug Gilby wrote:

> Hi, would any be able to tell me if this mushroom is a woodland
> Agaricus. I have did a spore print and it is a darker redish-brown
> I have compared it to the info I have on the Amanita veriety's
> all the ones I have info on look to be a white gill species, this
> group of mushrooms that just came up about a group of about 7 in
> total, they are on the edge of the driveway where they are coming
> up they push the soil up and thats how I noticed these, before
> in this spot only one would come up. As they grow out they loose
> the gill skin that covers them in the young stage, this then stays
> on the stalk, the gills seem to mature from light pinkish brown to
> the darker-redish brown. The cap stays whitish, the biggest one was
> about 2 1/2 inches accross cap at about 3 inch in height with a
> bulbous type footing at base of stalk. I
> Thanks in advance
> Doug

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