Gymnopilus Spectabilis

mspecta manpa at
Tue Oct 26 13:22:48 EST 1999

After years of searching, I recently located a specimen of Gymnopilus
Spectabilis in the NewEngland woods.  This variety grew in a squamulose
cluster, had a very faint annulus, was bright yellow inside and out, an
orangey-brown print, sclerota stained green, and was (after much
deliberation) quite bitter to the taste.  My, ahem, further trials with this
cluster proved that my ID was quite correct.

Anyone have any experiences with ID'ing Gymnopilus Spectabilis in the NE
woods?  I've since found a smaller version, not quite as yellow, more of a
rusty print, just as bitter tasting... but I'm afraid to try it just yet.
Have definitely ruled out Galerina Autumnalis, but... am very cautious.  Was
wondering if anyone knows if there are any dangerous GS lookalikes that have
that characteristic bitter-alkaloid taste.

Is anyone aware of the current legal status of these BigLaughingGyms?

-Bee Specta

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