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G. gmol at
Tue Oct 26 13:22:41 EST 1999

Found this site. Not sure it's the only one, but it might answer some of your

misterguch wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm a high school science teacher who's got a student doing a science fair
> project involving mushrooms.  Basically, he's found somewhere on the
> internet a protocol for raising mushrooms using a dilute hydrogen peroxide
> solution to provide a sterile growing medium.  Since I don't know much about
> mushrooms, here are some questions:
> 1)  Is it well-known that using hydrogen peroxide can allow you to forgo
> some of the normal cleanroom growing methods?
> 2)  Is it unbelievably stupid to think something like this could work?
> 3)  If it's neither well-known to work nor unbelievably stupid to think it
> would work, do you think it might work?
> Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

.... what? You mean this isn't a dress rehearsal?
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