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>I'm a high school science teacher who's got a student doing a science fair
>project involving mushrooms.  Basically, he's found somewhere on the
>internet a protocol for raising mushrooms using a dilute hydrogen peroxide
>solution to provide a sterile growing medium.  Since I don't know much about
>mushrooms, here are some questions:
>1)  Is it well-known that using hydrogen peroxide can allow you to forgo
>some of the normal cleanroom growing methods?

Yes. Well, it is known whether it is well known I can't say.

>2)  Is it unbelievably stupid to think something like this could work?


>3)  If it's neither well-known to work nor unbelievably stupid to think it
>would work, do you think it might work?
>Any advice is appreciated.  Thanks.

The technique was developed by Dr Rush Wayne who wrote the following in
the Feb 97 issue of Fungus.

RW I have worked for three years to create a set of reliable
RW protocols for using peroxide in mushroom growing, and
RW my peroxide manual contains the results of that work.
RW The manual currently costs $19.95 plus $2.05 for first 
RW class mail shipping in the U.S. and packaging.  E-mail
RW me for ordering information if interested.

I'll send you his email address by email.

Apparently it is very useful for agar and substrates which don't contain
enzymes which will break down hydrogen peroxide. That puts plant
material out of the running, but it works with inert stuff like
Graham Orme

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