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> I'm a novice, and am primarily interested in edible varieties. I took
> a workshop with Maggie Rogers on 10-24 and now am eager to get out
> into the woods. I would like to hook up with folks around Eugene, OR
> or can travel to other parts of the state. I can drive& can carry a
> lot of people and / or gear in my van, and have plenty of time. Thanks
> in advance for replies!

Here are a couple of places you want to check out in the next two weeks.

1) The Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Show on Sunday, Oct. 31, 1999 from
10am-4pm at 33735 Seavey Loop Road, Eugene, OR. For more info, 541-747-

2) The November North American Truffling Society forage will be on Sat.
Nov. 6, 1999. Meert at the IHOP parkin lot in Eugene at 10:30 am. To
reach the IHOP: from I-5 soiuth, take exit 195A, North Springfield,
Gateway Mall exit. This puts you on Beltline heading East. Take the
first right into the parking lot on the SE corner of Beltline and
Gateway. This will be a joint venture with the newly formed Cascade
Mycological Socity of Eugene, OR. Dress for the weather, bring a lunch,
and your truffling gear (novices should bring a bag to place truffles,
something to write with, a compass, and a four-pronged potato rake or
garden rake.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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