Gymnopilus Spectabilis

Professor McGinty Jr. tsudonim at aol.comspamstop
Thu Oct 28 10:31:01 EST 1999

>Gymnopilus is not listed in the federal Controlled Substance Act
>(CSA).  I am aware of no state laws (all of which are based on the
>CSA) which list it; it certainly is not considered a controlled
>substance in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania.

Actually, no genus or species of fungus is listed as a controlled substance. 
However, any mushroom that contains psilocybin is illegal to posess in all of
the USA.  Having a gymnopilus in your pocket would make you guilty of possesing
a class 1 controled substance, and subject to many years in jail. Growing them
would make you guilty of manufacture. Ha ha! I mean, oh well, that's too bad.

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Those who say don't know.

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