Where does Russula end and Macowanites begin?

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Fri Oct 29 12:00:21 EST 1999

In my collecting today for the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum Mushroom Show this
Sunday, I came acros a mostly hypogeous mushroom, apparently a Russula,
although the gills are close and crowded, and cross-hatching is obvious.
I know that hypogeous forms of Russula-related fungi are called
Macowanites, and I have collected some specimens from this group. While
in my experience Macowanites seldom has exposed gills and *flasher*
Russulas do, where does the distinction occur? I find a lot of hypogeous
Russula which have strong stems and fully-expanded pileus: and I still
consider these totally from the Russula family. OTOH, I also find
epigeous/partially hypogeous Russula-like fungi with the gills poorly
developed (if at all), and mostly vestigial stems. Are these actually
Macowanites or some intermediary form? Anyone want to comment?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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