Unknown Shaggy Chocolate-Brown Mushroom

Russ Bulluck lrbulluc at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 24 13:22:30 EST 1999

"Hoffelder, Michael" wrote:

> A friend showed me a picture of a mushroom from his
> photo survey of life around Dunbar Creek in SW PA.
> It can be viewed at:
> http://members.xoom.com/sherwingws/Plants_and_Fungi/index.htm
> by selecting "Fungus Cap Unknown Z" in the "Common Name" category.
> This mushroom does seem similar to the Strobilomyces photos
> referenced in the replies to Fungi01 at aol.com:"Mushroom ID?"
> However this mushroom is totally dark brown with very long spikes
> coming off of its cap that give it a shaggy appearance.
> Can anyone ID this bizarre-looking mushroom?
> Mike

I think you're right.  Looks like a shaggy bolete to me!  (Strobilomyces
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