Wierd algae or something in aquarium

David Ramsey djramsey at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 29 13:21:57 EST 1999

One of aquarium plant newsgroups said that perhaps someone on this group
could be of help
This stuff is growing in a freshwater aquarium. Any ideas or help would be
greatly appreciated.
Can anyone tell me what kind of algae or stuff this is? I tried scraping it
off last weekend when there was only one piece and syphoned all I could
find. Now I have half a dozen colonies of it. (Sunday)

The fish and algae eaters won't get near it, neither will the snails. I
marches across the glass 2-3 inches a day.
This is a 29 gallon tank, heavily planted, been going great for almost a
year. 3 20watt bulbs, co2, occasional Seachem Flourish and additional
Here is a closeup picture of 'the blob' taken this morning (Tuesday). The
color is
off. It is a creamy white, with some brownish tinges to the front edge.
There are now about 12 of these things, mostly moving to the plants now. A
couple went to the surface and float, these were sucked up. The Maracyn that
I treated the water with yesterday morning has had no effect.
Any suggestions? Break down and bleach is coming to my mind as the only
solution. None of the other tanks are infected/affected with this stuff.

David Ramsey
Lawrenceville, GA.

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