Need ID on mold/fungus

Neil Reimer nreimer at elele.peacesat.Hawaii.Edu
Wed Sep 29 13:21:58 EST 1999

The following was posted by David Ramsey on the
rec.aquarium.freshwater.plants newsgroup.  Does anyone recognize it? 
Neil Reimer
nreimer at

Can anyone tell me what kind of algae or stuff this is? I tried scraping it
off last weekend when there was only one piece and syphoned all I could
find. Now I have half a dozen colonies of it.   

(color in algae5.jpg is off - actually cream colored)

The fish and algae eaters won't get near it, neither will the snails. I
marches across the glass 2-3 inches a day.
This is a 29 gallon tank, heavily planted, been going great for almost a
year. 3 20watt bulbs, co2, occasional Seachem Flourish and additional
David Ramsey
Lawrenceville, GA.

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