Mystery Mushroom

Moselio Schaechter mschaech at
Wed Sep 29 13:22:00 EST 1999

Nice photos, Chuck.  As someone already remarked, this is an amanita.  It
is almost certainly in the Section Lepidella, the most common of which in
the North East is A. cokeri.  The photo matches that species fairly well,
but it's hard to tell without having the specimen on hand.  The absence of
the ring may well be due to age.  The base of the stipe looks like it was
broken off.  Many Lepidellas, not all,  have long tapering bulbs.

 As mentioned already, Rod Tulloss could help you.  His notes entitled
"Amanita Taxonomy Workshop, 1993" are extremely useful, if you can get hold
of them.


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