fairy rings

Russ Bulluck lrbulluc at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 30 11:16:03 EST 1999

Woolspin wrote:

> Can someone explain the phenomena around the fairy ring mushrooms?  I just saw
> a 8ft ring with some large mushrooms.  Very cool. What makes them grow like
> that?

The way I've heard it, the fungi grow out from a single point source, and continue
to grow underground until conditions are right for fruiting, in much the same way
that fungi or non-motile bacteria grow on plates.  In theory (and likely in
practice, as was shown for the largest clonal organism in Michigan or Wisconsin,
the Armillaria mellea, i think, that covered a huge number of acres) all the fairy
ring mushrooms would likely have the same molecular fingerprint (by RFLP, or other

That's my answer. . . any others?
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