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> >What was the largest single fruiting fungus you have found? How about
> >the smallest?
> >
> >I suspect we'll have to limit your answers to single fruiting bodies...
> I have found single Bondarzewia berkeleyi specimens in excess of ten pounds.
> David W. Fischer
> Coauthor, "Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America" and
>    "Mushrooms of Northeastern North America"

Sure. But how about that Oxyporus nobilisimus that probably tips the
scales at over 300 lbs.? (BTW, what is the new genus name?) It gives new
meaning to word "toadstool". I had no problem standing on it at all.
(Oops, there goes the amphibian neighborhood.;)

Remind me to show it to you the next time you come out to see Maggie
Rogers. ;)

Daniel B. Wheeler

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