Your Favorite Mushrooms

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Wed Apr 12 16:19:41 EST 2000

That last thread went so well, how about another?

Let's see, should be something to do with mycologist don't you think?
and we should have a way to indicate new reponses while keeping the old,
so just add yours to everyone else's.

How about: Your Favorite Mushrooms to

a. eat
	matsutake, in a light miso soup

b. find (why?)
	Oregon Gray truffle (Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum), because I can.

c. smell (describe)
	something I find under Eastern Red oak that smells like hyacinths

d. study (why?)
	truffles, because they're so easy to overlook

e. stomp (self-explanatory, and don't tell me you mycologists have aided
and abetted spore dispersal ;)
	old morels, so I have more next year.

f. grow
	Hericium erinaceous: very fast

g. look for, but seldom find
	Fischerula subcaulis, what spores!

h. hate to find
	morel stumps

i. your specialty
	Anything that aid and abet trees, so mostly mycorrhizal species.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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