Biggest, Smallest?

Judith und Andreas sahli at
Mon Apr 17 13:53:40 EST 2000

Colin Davidson schrieb:

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> > What was the largest single fruiting fungus you have found? How about
> > the smallest?
> >
> > I suspect we'll have to limit your answers to single fruiting bodies,
> > since a large tree fruiting oyster mushrooms could approach several
> > hundred pounds.
> >
> I've had some pretty immense giant puffballs, the largest being 50cm across
> and weighing a couple of kilograms. I've also found several individual
> fruiting bodies of other mushrooms that have been in the region of 30cm
> across. I always think it's a shame to cut into such things to cook them.
> When you ask about small fruiting fungus, are we sticking strictly to the
> basidiomycetes here? If not, any lab based mycologist will be able to
> describe a whole range of fruiting bodies you can see under a microscope.

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