Fungi Imperfecti?

Azmushclub azmushclub at aol.comBLOCK
Sun Aug 6 10:07:23 EST 2000

I am new to microscopy and the fungi imperfecti, so please excuse this amateur

We had brewed some beer at home, and left the large glass fermenting jar
(carboy) to soak.  Due to a busy schedule, the carboy sat neglected for just
over a week.  When we went back to clean it, there was a fleshy convoluted
growth floating on the surface of the water in the carboy.  The tanish flesh
was covered in grey and bright yellow green powder (spores).

Under the scope I see conidiophores? which are long and slender, nonseptate
with an enlarged globose head.  The spores are round, don't appear to have any
ornamentation, and cover the head of the conidiophore en mass.  There is no
branching, and the spores are not attached in chains.  

I may be looking at a combination of things here (a growth on top of the fleshy
growth)!?   Any help in which direction to look would be greatly apprciated.


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