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>>...which can be added to microbiological media without inhibiting
>>prokaryote growth...
>...Benomyl (is the correct concentration something like 5ug/ml?)...
is also called Benlate (C14H18N4O3, Methyl-1-(butylcarbamoyl)-
benzimidazol-2-ylcarbamat), producer: DUPONT) or use Carbendazim
(producer: AGREVO, Hoechst) or Thiophanat-methyl (producer: BASF)
for details see e.g. Tomlin, Clive, ed. al., The Pesticide Manual, UK,
About conc. i can't tell you, we do not use it!! but could be right,
as i read it is used in conc. up to 30 times more...



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