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Edwin Hutton e.hutton at ic.ac.uk
Mon Dec 4 13:08:41 EST 2000

Edwin Hutton wrote:
> truffler1635 at my-deja.com wrote:
> >
> > Mycophagy is the eating of fungi. I used to think that I didn't know much
> > about this subject. But in adding the species I have tried over the past
> > 15-25 years, I suddenly realized I've eaten quite a few species.
> >
> > How many and what kind have you eaten?
> >
> List of 44 snipped.
> Going from memory here is my list (sout east UK)
Memory isn't too good. Reminded by Colin Davidson.
(Alright I know one shouldn't answer ones own posts.)

Agaricus Macrosporus
Morchella esculenta (couldn't remember it before)
Marasmius oreades (but only when reasonably big otherwise it's hard
Clitocybe odora
Leucopaxillus gigantea (worth a try, occurs late autumn to winter)
Calvatia excipuliformis
C. utriformis
Langermannia gigantea
Lycoperdon perlatum
Xerocomus chrysenteron (gets too mushy)
Coprinus comatus
Lepiota rhacodes var. hortensis
Armillaria mellea (very sickly, only once)
Russula cyanoxantha
R. cutefracta
R. heterophylla
R. vesca (these last 4 pretty good)
R. rosea (don't bother)
R. parazurea (probably, what I thought was cyanoxantha wasn't good)
Lactarius deliciosus
Lactarius deterrimus (not as good as deliciosus and best grilled!)
Boletus luridus (thought it was erythropus, not very good)

My total now up to 63 - a lot more than I realised.

I have not got round to the Grifola's, always got something better
after collecting it.

Colin - Clitocybe nebularis is quoted as risky - what is it like?
Amanita rubescens - How long should one cook it? I can not find
consistent comments on it (Marcel Bon says it's good but everyone
else reckons it needs care).

Edwin Hutton

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