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> > Mycophagy is the eating of fungi. I used to think that I didn't know much
> > about this subject. But in adding the species I have tried over the past
> > 15-25 years, I suddenly realized I've eaten quite a few species.
> >
> > How many and what kind have you eaten?
> >
> List of 44 snipped.
> Going from memory here is my list (sout east UK)
Another quite impressive list, Edwin. This kind of puts the lie to
England being mycophobic, which I've seen repeated over and over again.
But it does seem to me you are more adventurous than I am willing to be,
especially with the Amanita fulva.

BTW, did you know that Tuber aestivum (summer truffle) is reported from
Great Britain under or near beech trees? Could be another addition to
your list!

Thanks for posting!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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