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> Truly impressive list, Colin. Did you find all of these yourself, or were
> some given to you, did you purchase any of them?

At one time or another I've found and eaten all of those. As I say, I've
been lucky in where I've lived. I suspect also that our towns and cities
here in the UK have a greater fungal diversity than equivalent areas in the
USA. We tend to have patches of ground that have had trees on them for
hundreds of years right in our towns, and that can lead to some surprising
diversity on your doorstep.

For example, I've found something like 10 or 11 edible Agaricus species of
around Nottingham University. I've come across morels growing on
woodchippings by a tennis centre. One of the sports fields in Cambridge that
I know has yielded 9 edible species, etc.

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