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> > It may be a simple plantation of even-aged Douglas fir. But there is
> > considerable diversity even within plantation. Fortunately Douglas fir
> > associates with an estimated 2000 ectomycorrhizal fungi in this area.
> Indeed, foretsry plantations are very good. Acid soils, lots of good organic
> material on the ground. And of course mossy patches of ground, especially
> good for Cantharellus.
> I believe that a Scottich company picks commercially upwards of 100 species
> in this kind of woodland in the same kind of plantation. Unfortunately, it
> would apear that they all get sold in London and Paris.
REALLY?!?! I'd love to hear more, especially the name of the company.
It's nice to have confirmation that other companies have been doing this.
I subscribe to another ng called bionet.agroforestry, and such harvesting
is _exactly_ what they are looking for. Harvesting 100 other species
other than just the timber from a given plantation certainly makes more
sense to me than harvesting just the timber and killing the golden goose.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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