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> So I have heard. I am a very mush sout of Watford person though, and
> have to rely on what I can find. Last year our local Sainsbury's
> had some Blewits for sale at circa 10UKP per pound - I think they
> were French due to the overall pale blue colour (Lepista Personata?)
> and they looked awfully tired. Needless to say I didn't buy any.

Errm, there's a farm in the Wiltshire producing blewits that are really
awfully pale. Dunno quite what species... Lets see if I can find the
newspaper article...


> Marcel Bon describes it as edible but poor. Actually I popped a couple
> of young ones under the grill (which I find works well with most
> mushrooms) and they came out quite inedible. Goodness only knows how
> the Basque shepherds cook them.
> Actually if you try a bit raw it is quite crunchy, though the
> strong radish flavour is rather peculiar. 'Poor' is quite an
> understatement, but Bon has a sense of humour (Lactarius Turpis is
> described as 'Not a good edible fungus').


I wonder if they might benefit from long, slow casseroling?

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