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CABI Bioscience databases

Do you need to know if a name exists, where and when it was
published, and it's taxonomic position?

The 'Funindex' world database of fungal names
This is a database of over 340,000 names of fungi at
species level and below derived from a number of published
lists including Saccardo's Sylloge Fungorum (contributed by
SBML, USDA) , Petrak's Lists, Saccardo's Omissions, Lamb's
Index, Zahlbruckner's Catalogue of Lichens (names at
species level only) and CABI's Index of Fungi. A record
will usually have a reference to an entry in one of these
bibliographic catalogues and, in addition, more recent
records from the Index of Fungi will have the full citation
from the source publication (excluding those from the last
5 years).

(This supercedes the database at your TRITON link and
includes data-sets not in the SBML database)

Taxonomic hierarchy and generic names
The Dictionary of the Fungi (currently 8th edition, 9th in
preparation) published by CABI  contains the current
consensus on the fungal taxonomic hierarchy to the rank of
genus. Here you may search the database for the status of
generic names, or walk down the hierarchy from the rank of

Global Species Databases
As part of the Species2000 initiative CABI Bioscience is
incorporating Global Species Databases in the world
database of names. GSDs contain complete, internally
consistent taxonomy of a single species, or all species in
a genus or higher taxon on a global basis. Some of these
data result from in-house work and others have been
contributed by other experts. There aren't many at the
moment but the list will grow rapidly.

British Mycological Society Databases

Search the British Mycological Society Fungal Records
database of over 440,000 records and view distribution maps
for over 200 species.

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