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Mon Jul 31 15:10:38 EST 2000


Thanks for making Margaret McKenny's letters available.   I found them most
interesting, especially because of her varied interests and her willingness
to share feelings and impressions.  I loved the description of her one (and
only?) success at making money from mushrooms. Her style suggests that she
must have been a generous and sharing person.  It was not my pleasure to
know her as I entered the world of field mycology in the early 60's, but
did enjoy her book.

I should add that I enjoyed other aspects in your web site as well.   One
of these days I will try to digest your master's thesis, but I am somewhat
computer impaired.

The personalities in the world of amateur mycology interest most people in
the business and me in particular.   I have been privileged to interview
several exceptional people.  An interview with Ruth Level, a leading light
of the Boston Club,  has appeared in two installments in the March and June
2000 issue of the bulletin of the Boston Club.   Another interview, with
Boston's mycological Grande Dame, Margaret Lewis, should appear one of
these years.

Soon,  an interview with Kit Scates will appear in "Mushroom, The Journal."
Luckily for us, Kit and Harley "snowbird" in the San Diego area, which is
where I now live.

Each of these interviews has been a fascinating and revealing experience.
Amateur mycology counts with some exceptional characters in its ranks.
Their memory should be preserved.


Elio Schaechter

Author, "In the Company of Mushrooms"
Harvard University Press

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