water agar

Marc Stadler marc.stadler at t-online.de
Thu Jun 1 02:45:22 EST 2000

Actually, it is nothing else than agar-agar and water mixed before
preparing conventional solid media.
The absence of nutrients will prevent saprobic fungi from growing on the
plates, unless they can live on agarose, and thus favorur the growth of
nematode-trapping fungi.
Just spread some soil or plant debris particles on these plates and wait
for a couple of weeks, and finally you can not only count infected
nematodes but also pick the fungi from these and take them in pure
That´s the trick.
Best regards

HYUN C KIM wrote:

> Hi, I read a few articles on the nematophagous fungi, and have came
> across a few mentiong about the "water agar" which is believed to be
> used in counting infected nematodes by nematophagous destroying fungi.
> can anyone who knows about this please tell me what this "water agar"
> supposed use? or even its composition? Any lead to this clue will be
> much appriciated! thank you!

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