nematophagous fungi

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Thu Jun 1 02:45:22 EST 2000

Sorry, but I figure that you might be a bit late with your ideas.

"Secondary metabolites of nematophagous fungi" was the topic of my own
dissertation published in Germany in 1993.  Results were published in
several papers. A review by Anke et al. Can Journal of Botany 73 Sippl 2
(1995), summarising all results presented at the IMC4 at Vancouver, 1994.

There may, however, be some species left which might yield yet unknown
compounds. However, there is no way to safely identify a secondary
metabolite without conventional methods.

In recent years, several authors have used moleular biology and PCR to
identify nematophagous fungi and provided a stable system. See perhaps the
work of Tzean et al (Taiwan), Tunlid (Lund, Sweden) and Scholler, Hagedorn
and Rubner, Germany. I have not got the references but they were present on
several congresses.

Still, I think this is an interesting subject, unfortunately it has
attracted quite a lot of researchers.

Good luck anyway


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HYUN C KIM wrote:

> Hi, I am a research student, currently working on a nematode trapping
> fungi otherwise known as nematophagous fungi. I have a few ideas on how
> to identify an unknown nematophagous fungi. If you know any good
> methods or techiques in identifying unknown fungal species other than
> morpholgical analysis could you please reply me back..
> thank you very much..

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