reishi cloning question

Doug Bartley further at ***
Sun Jun 4 09:06:15 EST 2000

Hi, I posted this question to another group, but got no 
responses - I'll try again here.

TIA for any help.

 - DB

>Subject: reishi cloning question
>From: Doug Bartley
>Organization: One Carp Productions
>Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 21:38:09 +0900
>Newsgroups: alt.nature.mushrooms
>Myco fortune has smiled and I have reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) coming
>up in a small park behind my house (here in Japan, and in the middle
>of a mid-size city, no less.
>They have come up from a small chinquapin or oak stump for a couple
>years, I finally caught on to what they were, but thought they might be
>done. Anyway, there they are again, little knobby buttons that were white
>when they apeared a couple days ago, and now have turned sulfur
>My question is:
>I want to try to clone these guys, but I am
>wondering when is the optimum time in terms of the fruiting
>body development? And should the tissue be taken from near the edge of the
>cap where the new growth is occurring? I was also wondering how to take a
>spore print from this sort of mushroom. At Paul Stamets' seminar we were
>told that the spore of the Ganoderma were released from the underside of
>the cap, but that they accumulated (somehow) on top of the cap.
>Any helpful hints (wild speculation?) would be appreciated.
>Doug Bartley
>Hamamatsu, Japan

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