Graduate Research/Fungal Developmental Genetics

Bruce L. Miller bmiller at
Wed Mar 1 19:05:33 EST 2000

Graduate Research in Fungal Developmental Genetics: A position is
available beginning Fall semester, 2000 for a graduate student
interested in molecular genetic mechanisms that control initiation of
the asexual and sexual reproductive cycles, and the morphogenesis of
multicellular structures in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans.
Possible projects include the  identification of components of the
signal transduction pathway(s) or the transcriptional regulators that
control reproductive development. The latter include characterization of
1) the APSES protein StuAp, a regulator of development- and cell
cycle-specific genes; 2) SteAp (Ste12p-like), a homeodomain-C2/H2-Zn+2
finger protein required for sexual reproduction and 3)  the
identification of novel proteins interacting with StuAp and SteAp.  The
student will receive training in both classical and molecular genetic
methodologies in yeast and filamentous fungi.  Interested individuals
should have prior education in genetics, biochemistry or molecular
biology. For more information contact Dr. Bruce L. Miller, Dept. of
Micro., Mol. Biol. & Biochem., Life Sciences Bldg., University of Idaho,
Moscow, ID  83844-3052. bmiller at


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