Fungi Fd. 3/5/00 / identification help?

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Mon Mar 6 13:40:49 EST 2000

At an hour-long forage to Paul Bishop's truffle plantation, found the
following fungi fruiting:

Hymenogaster sp. (near parksii)
Barssia oregonensis
Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum (very immature)
Tuber gibbosum var. autumale (very old)
Rhizopogon sp., probably vinicolor

Also found a _very old_ Laccaria laccata, Formes annotosum, and an odd
fungus I haven't found before.

I first thought this odd fungus was simply a coral mushroom, about 2
inches high, a small, circular base widening quickly to nearly 1 inch
and remaining broad through most of the height. The spore surface is
rather crenulate, white and transluscent. While it still seems to be
something like a flattened coral mushroom, it is also similar to
Spathularia is shape (but not color). While it was not common, there
were 10-15 sporocarps growing fairly close together, apparently arrising
from soil, under full-canopy Douglas fir of about 20 years old. Anyone
else seem such an oddity?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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