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	The April forage for the North American Truffling Society is
scheduled for April 1, 2000 to the Van Duzer corridor, along Hwy 18 near
Milepost 13 in Oregon. Meet at Benton Center, 635 NW 7th, Corvallis, OR
at 9 AM or at the Eola Hills Winery in Rickreall (just across from the
POlk Co Fairgrounds on Hwy 99W) at 10AM.
	Please dress for weather, bring a lunch and your truffling gear. For
more information, contact Matt Trappe, 541-758-6104.

	The April meeting for NATS will be held Tuesday, April 4, 2000 at
7:30PM in the Large Conference Room, Forestry Sciences Lab, 3200
Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR.
	Guest speaker wil be Pablo Rosso, a PhD candidate with dr. Everett
Hansen at the Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology at OSU. He will be
talking about "Phaeocryptopus gaemanuniae and the Ecology of Swiss
Needle Cast Disease of Douglas-fir." He has a long experience with
pathogen fungi and will use some tools, such as GIS, to access some of
his models for the distribution of this pathogen.
	For more information, contact Admir Giachini at 541-737-8593 or 541-

COMMENT BY POSTER: Anyone having problems Swiss Needle Cast (an off-
colored rust-like fungi infecting Douglas fir needles, especially common
when trees are stressed by drought) would do well to attend. This
pathogenic fungi is becoming more common in the Willamette Valley, and
is adversely affecting the quality of Christmas trees grown here.

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