ID-problem : Aphyllopholares : basidiomycete

Schoutteten-De Kegel geert.schoutteten at
Sun Mar 26 15:07:55 EST 2000


I am looking for confirmation on an basidiomycete I qualify as

Fruitbody : resupinate, effused, adnate, greyish

Hyphal system : monomitic, hyphae thin to somewhat thickwalled, ab. 3-4µm
wide, no clamps

Cystidia rather cystidiod hyphae present in variable numbers, capitate and
usually provided with rounded cap of a crytalline of resinoid substance.

Basidia narrowly clavate stalk often somewhat sinuous, 30 x apical 6, stalk

Spores : subfusiform, thinwalled, smooth, non-amyloid with oil-drops in the
protoplasm : 11-13.5 x 3.6-4.1

Habitat : on deciduous wood

Exs. on demand available

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